equity firm with a diverse portfolio of
successful companies

 It was founded in October, 2008 by Robert Hirsch, a successful serial entrepreneur and highly trusted consultant who has bought, created, sold (or consulted with) over 70 small to medium sized businesses over the past 25 years.

With such a significant body of experience to pull from, growing and SCALING businesses has become one of Robert’s specialties. In fact, as a consultant through South Fork Ventures, Robert has helped many companies scale from the $5 million to $50-million dollar level, and helped them prepare for liquidity events.

Building a business is a process.

And over the years Robert has uncovered and perfected his own brand of proven, proprietary frameworks, business models and tools that can help any Entrepreneur GROW and SCALE their business.

These are FUNDAMENTAL business lessons and frameworks that anyone can use, regardless of their industry, product or service.

In addition to growing and scaling businesses, more importantly Robert also knows what it takes to design a business that SERVES AN ENTREPRENUERS LIFE. (As opposed to designing a life that serves their business.) And this ultimately results in FREEDOM. You see, Robert’s tagline is “Helping Entrepreneurs Create The Life They Love.”

Today Robert dedicates his time to mentoring, teaching and advising other entrepreneurs on business development, marketing and investing.

Robert is also extremely passionate and focused on growing his newest venture, The most efficient marketplace for buying and selling
(small to mid-sized) cash-flow positive businesses.

Before, there were really only two very limited options when it came to buying and selling a business. On the one side, if you had a company doing at $10 MILLION you would be represented by an investment bank… while on the other end of the spectrum, if you were a smaller company, you were basically reduced to using a local broker and a glorified classified ad on Craigslist. Freedom Factory  fills the void in this huge underserved market, and very much like an  “online matchmaker”, efficiently brings the buyers and sellers of these small to mid-sized companies together, and helps find the “perfect fit.”

Here's a brief overview of how Freedom Factory works to deliver maximum value to Entrepreneurs...

On the

We use Robert’s 25 years of experience (and his proprietary business frameworks) to guide and help Entrepreneurs who are looking to SELL their businesses:

determine what their business is currently worth on the market, and

more importantly, guide them on POSITIONING their business properly to maximize the value, and for an immediate sale.

On the

We help Entrepreneurs looking to BUY cash-flow businesses make smarter decisions, and find the business that is the “right fit” for them.

You see, a big mistake that is commonly made is that when looking to purchase a business, many entrepreneurs only look at “cash flow“, as opposed to finding the RIGHT FIT for the business owner. And we believe (and it has been our experience) that finding the RIGHT entrepreneur AND the RIGHT company, produces much more dramatic results than simply making a buying decision based on earnings alone.

Therefore, we use their proprietary frameworks to uncover the hidden value, and buy businesses that are going to lead you to the RESULTS that you deserve.

After all, as Robert is fond of saying, it’s that if he’s learned anything over the past 25 years in business, it’s that the only “perfect business” is the business that’s perfect for you. And that’s just one of the things we can do for you at  

If you are interested in either BUYING or SELLING a cash-flow positive business, please visit today.

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